“Perfection is a direction, not a point. Life is a journey, not a goal.” – My personal motto

Nowadays most fitness instructors, blogs and books will teach you how to be more active, to train more and focus on short goals. My experience shows that this way of thinking could be "destructive" in long term or at least difficult to maintain for long time. So I wanted to learn how to do the optimum, to get enough, to be happy with your life - and not to be always on the run after delusional goals.

What can be done for 25 days in terms of weight loss. In my opinion we could start new way of life and prepare for it. Take a look at your last 25 days, think about how you can really change them for better, and your life as a whole.

Start by small changes in the right direction. Do the enough and keep moving is perfect start for your 2018 weight loss plan. It’s about buying the stuff that you need, researching for nutrition plans and set up year goals.

Some examples:

A student can find new sport activities in his school for next year. A worker can use his car less and less in order to increase his daily walking distance. If he starts using the floors as well then he will be active enough and will know his health status better. You can start by only one or few floors, or just by going down the stair case and later to increase the number.

A programmer can change his eating habits. Stop drinking soft drinks and sandwiches for lunch. The time spend for searching good food will be rewarded later in better solution and less time on the chair. A good friend of mine who is a programmer for more than 20 years use a bicycle when he want to refresh his mind at work. Doing 30 minutes in the afternoon with your bike can change your life in much better direction. After a few years this programmer will be much more productive than another who will be working 8 hours without leaving his desk and eating only junk food.

I’d point out that you should start with small thing in this 25 days: focusing on preparation, you could test yourself and be ready for the next year. Don't rush yourself and spend 30 minutes per day. This will be completely enough for a beginning.

Quick note: this takes time and at some point you may want to give up. So you need to forget about what others says, your bad habits, and instead focus on your plan. Be persistent and soon you will see the result of your new way of life.

Some notes on 25 days of Christmas Weight Loss preparation

  • Eat less. During the holidays many people tend to eat as much as they can. Maybe this is related to the past when the people were living in scarcity and poverty and Holidays were the only time for eating meat and candies. But times change and now it's not the case.

  • Find time for sport - you can find 2 3 days for fitness, jogging or skiing. The pleasure of the sport will motivate you for next year. On the other hand a lazy and of 2017 will cause lazy start in 2018.

  • More time for family and loved ones. Not a direct benefit. Be sure that if you spend more time with them you will find energy for more active life. They will support your life change and you will be happier together.

  • More time for your hobbies. Life is not only working. Find time to read, to listen music and for friends.

  • Prepare yourself to start new way of life - Staring is hard when you’re busy and distracted. By planning, you can start with less efforts and better prepared for the obstacles.

Practical Tips

I will include this section, despite that most tips seems obvious: you just … do the right. Sometimes the obvious to everyone, can be the problem:

  • Slowly cut back bad habits
  • Eat less junks
  • Say no to eating when you are not hungry.
  • Cut out lazy activities: watching TV, staying in Facebook, playing PC games etc.
  • Enjoy every single day.
  • Don't overbuy food and beverages
  • Search for beautiful and meaningful gifts. Go our and shop in the shop and not online.
  • Make something you will be proud to and use it as reference next year.
  • Find a source of positive energy.
  • Whatever stops you from being active, remove it.
  • Set at least one physical activity each day.
  • Set limits on your sitting hours.

It can happen for 25 days. To change gradually, surely and be in good and healthier shape for 2018.

WW60 Day 27

Skill Points
motivation 2.5 (No need of motivation)
time 60
food 3.5 (less food but better nutrition)
activity 3.5
confidence 3.5
distance 5 km(3.1 mi)

WW60 Day 30

Skill Points
motivation 3
time 120
food 3.5 ( no softdrinks for 30 days )
activity 4 ( two wals)
confidence 3.5
weight 4 kg(8 lb ) down for 30 days
distance 10 km(6.2 mi)