I want to share with you categorization of different people based on my personal experience. Have in mind that these "labels" are not strict and usually one person can match more categories than one. The goal behind the idea is to help you finding and overcoming your disadvantages. Knowing your strengths will give you better vision over you. I use animal character to give you better perspective but don't look in the details. If you disagree with this categories I'm free for critics & comments.

cat - people from this category are extremely curious, they like changes, experimenting a lot and usually very social persons. They first find new trends in weight loss, test new diets and start very easy a new try for slimming. Their success sometimes depends highly on circumstance rather than persistence. Main problem for this group is distraction - the easy start is followed by easy disappointment or change in the goals. After several changes in dieting and sports they conclude that weight loss is a genetic curse. At some point in their life they become accustomed to extra weight still trying to change it but trying to find a magical pill.
Disadvantages : easy quitting and not completing the tasks;
Advantages: open mind and curious;

hound - people in this group are very persistent and purposeful. Nothing can

distract the hound of their target. The chase is until the end - until the final pound is burnt. Where are the problems of the hounds. First problem is the need of external incentive or impulse. Another problem is related to direction. If the direction is wrong the hound will not be able to realize and correct it. So it's highly important for them to have someone to give the initial impulse and to follow their run until the end.
Disadvantages : depending on outer circumstances;
Advantages: persistent, fast and highly motivated;

turtle - hesitating most of the time, usually not believing of success stories of the other people and hesitant persons. Decision taking is hard or even impossible task for them. Always trying to find the maximum and to avoid mistakes.

Collecting all required information and searching every single bit of information about the problem. Even if everything is ready their start is slow because of plan preparation. The weight loss journey is expanded a lot in the time and can be interrupted by external factors, discouragement or distraction.

Disadvantages : doubtful and mistrustful;
Advantages: organized and planning;

Hope you enjoy the article and find it helpful! I have a nice surprise for you in the next days. Stay tuned!


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