Winning is habit. Unfortunately, so is losing. – Vince Lombardi

We’re a month before 2018, fellows! Whether you’re sticking to your goals for the year or not, this is perfect time to create the new habit you’ve been wanting, a habit that will lead to your goal in the next year.

Exchange bad for good habit

General concept: you commit yourself to sticking to a good habit for one month. On the other hand you will have to give up a bad habit for at least 30 days. Sound easy but it's not. It seems short period but it will be the longest period that you can imagine. At the end of a month, if you can stick to your habit with no (or very few) exceptions, you should have a new habit. Repeat the next month.

Table with good and bad habits

Good Bad
wake up early stay late
walk use car
use stair case use elevator
eat healthy eat all you can
food diversity chocolate diet
read a book stay in Facebook

This exercise worked very well for me this year, and for some of my friends. I’d bet it’ll work for you too. What I did it was do a simple table (as the one above) with two columns:

  • good habits that I want to have
  • bad habits that I want to give up

Choose the easiest ones - the ones with highest probability of you to succeed. Then get a calendar, notebook or a paper. And start writing down day by day.

Tips for habits

Keep it very simple and do the following:

  1. Keep a positive attitude! Expect setbacks now and then. Note them, analyse them, prevent them and move on! No embarrassment in this month. The goal is not to be perfect but to keep it as much as possible for 30 days. Remember that your current record so far was 0 days or maximum a week.

  2. Be active with high spirit. Search for improvement, search for something new and think out of the box. Start with plan A if it is not working then continue with plan B. Changing is not a problem, the problem is staying that the same place for long time.

  3. Set an easy goal. Don’t start to optimistic with the hardest habits. Try to start with something realistic and adopt in time depending on your success. Try to walk 30 minutes instead of 1 hour every day. Trust me, you’ll be much more successful and the risk of burning out will be minimal.

  4. Those who review their progress every single day are much more successful. At least in the beginning If you miss a day of reporting, you’ll be OK, but the more consistent you are in reporting and analyzing, the better.

Good luck everyone! And here’s a great possibility to start the new Year 2018!

WW60 Day 20

Skill Points
motivation 3 (it's matter of habit)
time 60
food 3.5 (healthy and delicious)
activity 3
confidence 3.5
distance 5 km(3.1 mi)

WW60 Day 25

Skill Points
motivation 3
time 80
food 3.5 ( no chocolate for 25 days )
activity 4 ( I had a time for longer walk)
confidence 3
weight 3.5 kg(7 lb ) down
distance 8 km(5 mi)