I’m happy to say that I finished my Christmas weight loss challenge yesterday! I feel really great and confident. Here’s a summary of these 60 days of everyday walking and some changes in nutrition / life habits:

Some info: I’m a active person with experience in karate, swimming and fitness (not all of them at once and I have periods of no sport at all). So my goal for this challenge was just to completed and have a good time at Christmas and New Years parties. I wasn’t worried about my weight or doing it with perfection — I can work on the weight reduction this year 2018.

The challenge: 60 consecutive days to walk every morning 5 km without stop. No matter of the weather, no matter of the mood - no excuses. And possibly to change some of my life habits for good.

The results:

I've succeeded to walk every day (sometimes I walked in the afternoon) most of the time 5 km. Some days when I was feeling full with power I was able to walk 10 km per day. Regain my confidence and pleasure in sport from my teen years. Improve my nutrition and life habits. I was able at the Christmas evening to put my favorite clothes without problems and no visit to my tailor.

And so I'm feeling really happy and M'm feeling light as a feather.

Below you can find the final numbers of the last days:

WW60 Day 58

Skill Points
motivation 3
time 60
food 4 ( I eat like a brand new person)
activity 4 ( enjoying holidays in the outside )
confidence 5
distance 5 km(3.1 mi)

WW60 Day 60

Skill Points
motivation 3.5
time 60
food 4 ( no soft-drinks for 60 days)
activity 4 (time for shopping :) )
confidence 5
weight 7 kg ( 16 lb ) down
distance 5 km(3.1 mi)

Below you can find all days from these challenge:

As a bonus I want to start a weight loss calendar for 2018:

Weight Loss Calendar January 2018