I’m a huge fan of challenges. Since a kid I used challenges to change my sport habits and school results, including:

  • remember all world capitals for one weekend;
  • run 2.4 km (1.5 mi) in 15 minutes
  • 50 Pushups challenge
  • No sugar week challenge
  • no internet challenge

There have been many and they always get me inspired to find a new one and get going. Sometimes that’s the only push you need to get over after several failures.

So this time I’m giving a small challenge to all of you, to boost your weight loss journey.

Are you ready?

Take a paper and write it down. Here’s the challenge:

  • Commit to walking every day until Christmas 30-60 minutes a day or for 6 weeks.
  • Share it with someone or online.
  • If you start by 30 minutes you can increase it by 10 minutes after week, trying to reach 60 minutes. Be mindful during the exercise and focusing on enjoying it with gratitude.
  • Keep a simple log each day of the exercise you did. As I'm doing in a small table with day by day values.
  • At the end of each week, write a small summary about the previous week and planning the next one, reviewing your successes and failures. Share it!
  • If you were consistent the previous week, include new exercises like pushups, crunches, etc

So just make a commitment to yourself and others to stick to small daily exercise until Christmas, and keep a diary. Will you be super slim after these 7 weeks? Well, you’ll be slimmer than now, and you’ll be much further along the way to a lifetime weight loss journey.

You can do it!
Tips for the Challenge

I’m curious in your success, and the sad truth is that many fail at these kinds of challenges. Not you, though, because you’re going to have friend at your side.

Challenge Tips and Tricks:

  • Do exactly what you planned each day and not more than you think you can. Most people tend to start too ambitious, and then burn out in the first few days. You should learn to walk, before you want to fly.
  • Create reminders - physical or digital. On your phone / calendar, a paper note on the work or the car dashboard. This will boost your motivation!
  • Make each walk a joyful experience. Be positive, focus on gratitude for even being able to do it. Make each walking session the pleasure of the day.
  • Enjoy it as fun. Your daily walk can be a new passion, it can be a nice habit or time for yourself. Of course you can do a challenge using Fitbit or some other kind of social fitness app.
  • The weekly summary is for changes. You’ll find various issues as you go, and the review is a way to find out what you’ve done right, what was wrong, and what changes you need.
  • Create a recurring reminder in your calendar to do your weekly review until Christmas.
  • If you miss a day, don’t feel sad. It happens to anyone. The thing that gets most people is giving up after missing a day or two. Instead, be the kind of person who gets back on track no matter what.

I’ll be doing this challenge for my self, discussing my fitness habit supporting each of you and doing small daily reports to my status.

See previous days:

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WW60 Day 14

Skill Points
motivation 3.5
time 120
food 3.5 ( a natural diet - feeling the body need)
activity 4 ( nice mountain walk )
confidence 4
distance 10 km(6.2 mi)

WW60 Day 18

Skill Points
motivation 3.5
time 60
food 3.5 ( no sugar for 7 days )
activity 4 (running 2 km)
confidence 3
weight 3 kg ( 6 lb ) down
distance 5 km(3.1 mi)