First step

Today is my first day of the experiment, and I decided that this time, instead of planning diet, sport regime, I’d start directly by walking 5 km (3 mi) in the morning. This time, I’m starting directly - no preparation, no time to think, not preparing a special date, not waiting for tomorrow to come or a better day.
That means instead of continue reading this article to stop and to go out and walk a small distance(and then continue reading on fresh head).
If you did it and now continue to read - congratulations! - you did the hardest part of your journey - the first step.

So lets continue to next steps - next step is to find time everyday until Christmas/New year (31 of December) to walk 5 km (3 mi).

  • tempo is not important(preferably moderate)
  • be persistent - no excuses - bad weather, bad mood, a lazy day, award day, I need more sleep. All this is for losers and you will not be a loser in next two months. If you really can't do it - let say exam, no time, traveling - then do a shorter distance - do not skip a single day.
  • try to walk before breakfast - this will boost your metabolism and will kick start your day. After that you will be a super version of you. You can do it also in the lunch break or in the afternoon. Persistence is more important.

What is the Weight loss by Walking in short?

  • A fun challenge to become thinner.
  • A way to find your level of persistence.
  • A way to explore and change yourself for good.
  • No need of special utilities, diets or drugs
  • A Guide on nutrition, how to go vegan, and more.

My zero day

This is my first day - yesterday after several days postponing I just jump from the chair and walked 5 km. I just quit all the rest - the lunch, the colleagues, the tasks and took my 45 minutes walking only for me.
It wasn't so difficult as I was thinking initially. The confidence and the pleasure of the achievement were my little reward.

My first day

It was today. The wake up was hard, hesitation arise and I was almost going to ruin my program. Then I saw the note - previous day I put a not : Do not give up my boy! You can do it! Go! After this small trick I felt like kick by myself. Recently time was shifted by one hour so the daylight was more than enough for walking. First meters were very easy but at the end I struggle a bit and I had to appeal my inner power/motivation skills/music boost. A warm shower and smile will describe the best the finish of this challenge.

WW60 Day 0 (in numbers 0 - low to 5 - high)

Skill Points
motivation 5
time 45
food 0 ( I ate as usual )
activity 0 ( nothing else walking)
confidence 1
weight 115 kg(250 lbs)

WW60 Day 1

Skill Points
motivation 5
time 60
food 1 ( My appetite was less at breakfast )
activity 0 ( still nothing else )
confidence 1
weight 115 kg(250 lbs)
distance 5 km(3.1 mi)

P.S. Don't forget your note for tomorrow. Please feel free to share your motivation notes in the comments below! And you will win a hot cup of milk and cacao.

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