It happens to all of us: you are starting well at school, running successfully a project, in the gym, with a new habit or in general … and suddenly things go sideways. You get derailed.

This is a crucial point. If you let yourself quit, all your time and effort up until now would be dust in the wind. If you can get back on track, things can be great again. But isn't it better to follow your way persistently and without losing focus?

For most people is unknown how to get back on track, and so fail repeatedly. Today I’ll share what I did on my day 3 to not give up..

Day 2

The day number 2 started very well with nice walk in the park. The tempo was fast and I make something like a record - 55 minutes. It start feeling like a good habit. After the walk I had power and I decided to do some extra exercises: push ups and crunches. Quick shower and go to work. Work day was like a see breeze. I was working the same work in less time. I had a smile on my face the whole day.

Very odd for me it was that appetite drop down to very low levels. In the past I was searching for food almost every hour and if some of my colleagues offer a piece of a chocolate - I was accepting all the time. And that day it was different. Quite a good day for my weight loss program.

Day 3

Day 3 it was Saturday and I had a habit of being lazy during the weekends. The clash of the habit, the lazy mood and my new personality was difficult. To do or not do? This was the question this morning. I had my little friends at my site - the note( check in the previous post: Weight loss by walking (WW60) in 60 days - Day 1 ), the motivation of the first day and pleasure of the third.

All I did was simply ask myself, “Do I really want to quit, or I want to do it?” If you have good reason to do it, then just do it. No matter of the reason:

  • health issues
  • breaking bad habits
  • doing with because of Her/Him
  • testing your limits
  • or because you want to be good looking for Christmas eve? Don't you want to be in good shape and proud of your achievement. Getting congratulations from other people and friends.

If we build our little victories by taking small steps(day by day), and nurture our mood as in the previous days … we would start to have a more solid habit or motivation for our weight loss journey. After awhile, we become more confident, so the little defeats won’t really matter too much at the end.

All we have our moments of weakness and tiredness. Becoming stronger will make you invulnerable to the little mood changes. But it takes a bunch of small steps and victories to get there. So focus on one day - today, one small step, at a time. Don’t worry about the long term, just focus on the short term. And the long-term strength will come. The days make the month and the months make the years.

So New Year and Christmas are coming soon. Look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself do you want to be in your favorite dress for the night? If you say yes it's time to join me in the journey.

WW60 Day 2

Skill Points
motivation 5
time 55
food 2 ( I was careful with my dinner. Success! )
activity 2 ( push ups and crunches )
confidence 1
weight 115 kg(250 lbs)
distance 5 km(3.1 mi)

WW60 Day 3

Skill Points
motivation 4
time 60
food 2 ( The non stop hunger disapper )
activity 1 ( Another walk in a park )
confidence 1
weight 115 kg(250 lbs)
distance 10 km(6.2 mi - extra walk in the afternoon)