Today I celebrated my one-week "anniversary" of weight loss by walking experiment. Well, of finally getting thin… like most people with overweight problems, I had tried to start many times and failed. But this time, and I’d like to share some tips to my future - I, me, myself and with all people that were in similar situation.

  • Know Your Goals/Priorities When the temptation comes, your mind will be misled. “What’s the problem? One piece of cake..more pizza”. And at the end you’ll forget why you’re doing this. Remember and if needed write somewhere - why you want this, what is your incentive to start and keep going. Is it for yourself? For your confidence? For you health? So you want to wear the fancy cloths?
    Have a your goal and reasons for starting. Remember them and remember well. If you need list them out. Put it on your phone, your laptop. And remind yourself of those little notes day by day, every single morning after wake up. You need to control your life and not to be controlled by life.

  • Know Your Weak Points? What do you need to do to get there? Do you need more motivation? Do you need to join a community? What can you stop your progress. Find out what was the problem last time. Did you start and how long it last?
    All we have weaknesses. And our main goal is to turn them into strengths. If you are poor educate yourself in finance. If you are physically weak then train and even when your are much stronger than your friends - don't stop by continue. The soft drop of water can penetrate the hard rock.

  • Impossible or improbable? Do you know what is difference between impossible and improbable? I'll give you 5 minutes to think on this point. You can take a list and write 3 impossible and 3 improbable things related to you.
    So in my opinion:

  • impossible is for someone to change his height.

  • improbable is for someone to change his weight.
    The subtle difference is that the second one is possible. You can find examples almost everywhere. So don't you want to be an successful example like many others? Here you can find interviews by such successful people: Michael's diet plan 4: Daily Meal Plan Example. You'll find detailed information and variety or diets.

WW60 Day 6

Skill Points
motivation 4
time 50
food 3
activity 2.5
confidence 3
distance 4.5 km(2.8 mi)

WW60 Day 7

Skill Points
motivation 4
time 60
food 3 ( slight decrease of portions )
activity 3 (stairs, stairs, stairs)
confidence 3
weight I don't measure it these days
distance 5 km(3.1 mi)