I found very strange dependency on the day 8. The more active the less hungry. Most of us think that relation is straightforward but this seems to not be true in my case. Maybe is something specific that I didn't discover so far. Anyway it's 9 days since the beginning without stop and I wanted to share my notes about: from idea to habit. I hope you that you will enjoy them.

Transform idea to habbit

Most of the people are having trouble with starting action? Many excuses can be found:

  • fear of new
  • comfort zone
  • it's not for me
  • too old, to young, too clever..

Some quick thoughts on this:

  • Keep it simple. Simpler! Easier! Useful You have plenty of software, tools, books and excel files? Are you playing with fonts and colors and other minor things? Stop! Get back to the task. This is like fixing a scratch on the car door and not caring for the engine.
  • Don’t wait for the perfect moment. Too often we want to have the perfect conditions, starting from 1st day of the month, next year .. but while it’s important to know where you’re going, it’s more important not to get stuck at the first step. Have in mind that perfection is not a point on the path but the movement on this path. Don't be afraid of being not perfect be afraid of standing on the same place for long time.
  • Focus. Shut off the world around you, and just focus on the doing. Disconnect from the phone, email, IM, Twitter, etc. for one hour - you deserve time for you. Don't let others to steal your time.
  • Fix in motion. Adapt Just start it now. You don't know what will be the problems on your path and you will never be ready at 100%. If you need some small changes do it on week 3, not from the beginning. Be adaptable and agile, change yourself according to the path.
  • Separate problems Rest, physical activity and nutrition are three different things. Start with one of them, improve it and then continue with another. Parallelism is not always a good thing.
  • Think and do. Some people says: measure twice and cut once. Don't go for measure tens and do nothing. Put aside all the thinking and just do.
  • If you can’t do something now then figure out why. Maybe you don’t have the knowledge, experience or the attitude. Maybe you don’t have the motivation. Maybe you need something from someone else.

And the short information from the previous days. Weight loss by walking (WW60) in 60 days - Day 6 and 7

WW60 Day 8

Skill Points
motivation 3.5
time 55
food 3 (the more active less hungry)
activity 2.5
confidence 3
distance 5 km(3.1 mi)

WW60 Day 9

Skill Points
motivation 3.5
time 120
food 3 ( slight decrease of portions )
activity 4 ( I had a time for longer walk)
confidence 3
weight I don't measure it these days
distance 10 km(6.2 mi)