First month of 2018 is devoted to nutrition and the first week will be devoted to slow eat your food. The benefits of this are endless and all of us know about it.

Here you can find January:
Weight Loss Calendar January 2018

I used to think, as many people do, that if we’re not successful, the problem is somewhere else. And if we were successful that we are the reason.

I no longer believe this. I do think we’re part of the environment, the system or the society, but it's more important how do we reflect on it. We have hope for something better and even more we have to fight for it.

Eat slowly Digest better

As you can see from the title this is the motto of the week.

Eat slowly Digest better

The more I talk to people about slow chewing, the more I realize that we all do the same mistakes as humans. We know something, we like the idea but never do it. Many reasons can be found why we are not doing something. This post will be about how to do it and not why we can't do it.

Benefit of chewing your food

  • you will eat less and you will feel satisfied by less amount of food. Do test - eat one and the same food and amount of food - once slow and once fast. Do you find differences?
  • Improved digestion - the food that you eat will be fully digested and your body will not suffer from deficiencies
  • enjoying the food taste - eating fast is corrupting the food taste and feeling. The faster the less tasty. This is why after the first piece of cake you will ask for another. Because the body didn't understand that you eat a full piece of cake.

Some tips on slow chewing

  • eat without distraction - no TV, no work, out of the office
  • find time for eating - separate 30 minutes each meal - breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Try to increase the number of chews per bite - don't stick to number because for the different foods it will be different but try to feel the real taste of the food. For example the bread is sweet like sugar after complete chewing.
  • Use smaller bites and/or appropriate utensils - the smaller bite the easier it will be chewed completely.
  • Find someone who is eating slower than you and try to follow his tempo.

Please do share your experience in the comments below.

P.S. learn from the animals when they have possibility they eat slowly because of the scarcity of the food resources. Of course in case of near predators they try to eat as faster as they can. But you are not on war, aren't you?