citius altius fortius

I’m not an athlete, nor will I ever become one. However, I find great inspiration in the way some of them live their lives:

  • discipline;
  • the simplicity of their lives
  • the concentration
  • focus of every inch, meter
  • citius altius fortius - Faster, Higher, Stronger

You probably don’t want to become an professional athlete either, but you can live your life in a more athletic manner by following a few simple nutritional rules.

Why eat more like a athlete? Because they are a perfect example of dream human bodies. Because when I watch the Olympic games I have the feeling of seeing the Greek statues of gods - beautiful, strong, lean, producing visual pleasure to the eays.

One of my favorite athletes, Lyoto Machida, share his motivation and dragon philosophy:

Our Father has always taught us that technique beats Strength, but the Spirit beats Technique. Sometimes you can have a lot of techniques, but if you don't have the spirit, you won't be able to use them. That is why Spirit beats technique.


The uncomfort zone is very important for us, you know. To feel uncomfortable is important to strengthen your spirit. When you have money and all that, most guys don't want to train anymore, they get too relaxed. It's normal to want to relax. When the guy doesn't have it, he is hungry for it. You must stay hungry. If you do not have it then you must search for it. Like the Samurai says: "If you feel comfortable you must search for the discomfort. Do not look for the easy way."

Very simple and yet powerful words of a successful athlete. You can watch the full video here:

Machida: Dragon Philosophy

So if you want to achieve something you must stay hungry. Of course when you achieve then you can relax and prepare for next achievement. Relaxing the whole life and you will not achieve anything. So if you want to lose weight, to become more visual attractive, to live healthier you have to seek for it.

However, for those who would like a little rules and details, I’d share some of my rules discovered by self experiments:

Weight Loss and Eating Essential Rules

  • Eat slowly. This was the topic of previous week and you can find the information here:
    Weight Loss Calendar 2018 Week 1 Chew Your Food

  • Eat one thing at a time. This rule (and the others that follow) may be familiar to you if you try to reduce weight. It’s part of most diets, weight loss programs, health recommendations. When you’re eating, just eat. Don't try to mix different meals. This is the mainline for separate diets and nutritionist who believe that some food combinations are bad.

  • Eat less. An athlete lead an active life: he wakes early and he starts training. So he/she needs a lot of energy but they don't consume food like crazy. All they do is to eat enough. Most people are tempted to reward themselves after training or hard day. It's better to eat enough until you feel light hunger. Then stop and the feel of hunger will disappear in next minutes.

  • Eat simply. Avoid fancy, trendy and amazing meals. Nowadays the food industry and chefs produce unbelievable variety of food combinations and culinary temptations. Most of them are taste and good looking but with very small nutritional benefit. For example a cake or chocolate is almost 50% of sugar. Avoid those types of foods and enjoy simplicity of tastes from fresh fruits, vegetables etc.

  • Plan your weight loss. In the life of an athlete, planning is one of the most important parts of his professional path. Each day, each month, each season there is time designated just for summary of previous period and correcting the mistakes. This process is really practice for improvement. You can plan how much you want to lose and then to follow it next month. At the end to check your results and if needed to do some corrections.

These are my simple rules about food for easy and effective weight loss.

I hope you will enjoy it.