Weight Loss and Chocolate

Why do we eat chocolate? I can give 7 reasons for me:

  • return to childhood
  • against stress
  • romantic sweetness
  • nutritional value
  • symbol of sweetness
  • energy source
  • pleasure of taste

But what about weight loss and chocolate?

Speaking about weight loss we need to take some considerations before using chocolate as weight loss instrument:

  • Quality and quantity - Healthy dose is several pieces of dark chocolate with 80% or more cocoa ( not whole milk or sweet chocolate or chocolate cake). I use dark chocolate as a treat and reward from time to time which I didn't particularly liked at the beginning but now I enjoy it even more than normal sweet chocolate. After several weeks you will be able to discover the real taste of chocolate and not the sweetness of sugar.

Do you know that average sweet chocolate has about 50 % of sugar ?

  • Satisfies hunger - Few bars of chocolate are enough to fight with the constant feeling of hunger. Of course you should use dark chocolate otherwise the sugar in the normal one will boost your appetite. Some studies suggest that people eating dark chocolate don't overeat as people who don't. Eating dark chocolate before a meal would reduce your starvation and overeating. Dark chocolate can be used as useful 'sweet reward' for people on a diet, because it's not as nice as sweet chocolate and you will not be tempted to eat too much of it.

  • Reduce stress - Stress is one of the main factors for extra weight. Every modern person who lives in a big city has extra level of stress each day. This could cause hormone dis-balance which will lead to weight problems. Chocolate and especially cacao can help in this fight.

  • Energy source - Chocolate (70% cacao )could give you good amount of energy accompanied with high nutritional value. Dark chocolate and honey are best friends to all people who wants to leave healthy live and to have enough energy for everyday life.

As a general rules

  • Eat less calories than your body is using and you will lose weight.
  • Exercise will help because obviously that uses more calories and improve digestion.