No fast food

I'm always visiting Europe countries, at least one per year. And I found that rise of fast food is faster and bigger than my imagination.

Countries like Italy, France, Greece, Portugal with food traditions, incredible cuisine and healthy nutrition diets ( the origin of Mediterranean diet) are also victims of this new "fashion". They’ve invented the art of cooking, experimenting with ingredients to create huge variety of meals. And now when I'm asking people what you are going to recommend me to eat as a traditional food in your country. They struggle with the answer and usually respond by question:

  • Do you like sandwiches?
  • Do you like to eat stand up?
  • If you want to eat fast then..

Fortunately there still aren’t many people, especially compared to other countries that would prefer eating sandwich for 5 minutes instead of enjoying nice meal in restaurant. Hamburgers, pizzas, chocolates are prevalent, of course, because they are easy to find and with nice marketing, targeting tourist, increasing number of fast food outlets is a global challenge.

In the past someone who eats fast food would be considered as food opportunist but now is the reverse. If you want to try something local, traditional, old style you are going to be an extravagant culinary person.

I believe that the problem is not in the fast food organizations and restaurants. They are just a reflection of our wills. If we all want to eat fast, known taste and cheap then someone is going to satisfy this desire. If we search for quality food we will produce new trend. All depends on us and our wills.

Yes to traditional foods and food rituals

  • Eat is more than a habit Set aside more time for eating, plan and prepare, enjoy your meal. Stop treating food as a duty. You need to eat and not you must eat. Don't search for convenience and addictive tastes — pleasure is also preparing the food, finding new recipes, playing in the kitchen. Start to be responsible for your meal.

  • Eat prepared meals Don't go for processed fool like waffles, biscuits, chocolates and so on. I know its cheap, tasty, you can eat all you want and easy to get. Usually this type of foods are not balanced in ingredients - they require additional liquids and could cause addiction.
    Instead find the time, and cook simple meals without a lot of ingredients or preparation time. It takes 10 minutes to whip together a healthy breakfast.

  • Enjoy the food Fully chew each bite and feel the real taste. And it can be a lot of fun not only eating but also preparing the meals. And much more preparing your own meals is healthier, frugal, and you know you’re eating good food.

  • Know your food Buy fresh ingredients such as fruits, veggies, whole grains, nuts, beans, and the like from known markets and farmers. If you can avoid prepared food and the ones with endless "Best Before Date". Processed food is like computer generated books. It has all the words, sentences and other stuff of a book but it's not digestible by brain.

  • Eat in good restaurant If you know the owner is best speak, with the personal. Go to family owned restaurants where they use real ingredients and make food which they eat too. They could be more expensive, but the experience will be totally different than fast food one.

So this complete the Weight Loss January 2018 about nutrition. The next month would be about activities and how to empower training in our weight loss.

Here is a summary of this month: