Hi friends,

Always be realistic and stay in reality. Otherwise you risk to finish with undesired results(too skinny for example). Since this is not easy and it's difficult to judge alone for your self you need to have some tools or friends on your side:

  • the best is if you have a person on who you can rely and who will not lie you - they will give you a good friendly advice and will always have another point of view;
  • you can trust on photos too. Photos are not changing, they will give you information from all your sides and will show you your progress or stagnation.
    *** Another good way is to measure frequently yourself** ( you can find the information on internet about good measures - I'll do a separate post on this too).
  • At start point put your goals and follow them. This means to find the optimal measures and weight for your age, sex, height etc. Going beyond this is risky and will cause you unwanted problems. For a reference you can ask you doctor if you don't have any:

So some words for a conclusion: don't allow your life to become a film (especially a food nightmare). Don't change obesity with obsession! May sounds close. Enjoy your hobbies, go outside and explore nature(this will give you energy) and keep in mind:

You want to remove extra weight and not the extra weight to be in the center of your world!