Get in shape for Christmas and New Year

Many people are concerned about being in good shape for Christmas and New Year. I have good news for you - now it's perfect time to start your shaping for the holidays. All you need is to start today - I recommend you starting by 5 km walk in moderate tempo. And repeat it every day up to Christmas - on empty stomach preferably early in the morning. This will:

  • boost your metabolism
  • give you confidence and strong will
  • you will start your day with fresh power and mind
  • healthier day
  • it will decrease your appetite - indirectly, which will help you lose your weight.

My self experiment show that in 60 days I can lose up to 7 kg (15 lb). May be it's not an impressive number but the difference in the outlook is amazing. Also you get control in your hands.

More tips for faster weight loss

  • do planks, squats, walk
  • as much as you can twice a day
  • in the morning and the afternoon
  • walk everyday 5 km in the morning before breakfast
  • the goal is persistence - everyday - no matter of the weather or the mood
  • after the first week you will feel the enjoyment and pleasure of the full control of yourself

The most important thing is start today! Walk 5 km (about 3.1 miles). For tomorrow find a good place where you can walk everyday:

  • it has to be close to the nature
  • outside the city and far away from roads and noise
  • good is to know the distance
  • get proper shoes in order to avoid injuries
  • clothes are also very important.

So what are you waiting for. Go and walk, make the first step to your better shape for Christmas!