Laziness and desire for fast weight loss are the root of your problems related to Weight loss. Every problem related to weight (and they are many, small and large), is rooted in bad habits.

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For some, that might seem obvious: the question is how to beat the roots. For others, it’s not so self-evident: how others eat everything and are thin? Why I have to live my whole live on a diet.

Let's tackle both questions — the Why and the How.

First the Why: you don't need to live your whole life on a diet. Even you don't need to do a diet. You need to eat normal and good food, to listen your body and not your stomach and eyes.

The second question: Don't compare with others. You don't know their real life.

And lets go to the topic of the title:

Weight loss pills are not working in 2018

Even if the most people know that weight loss pills are not working they tend to search for them, ask for them and use them. If you compare search results for 2017 daily search:

  • weight loss pills - 70K - 100K
  • weight loss diet - 20K - 40K
  • weight loss exercises - 10K

You will see strange picture which explains why there are so many failures and only few winners of the game: to eat or not eat which is to get a pill or not.

Weight loss pills in Media

Since people are searching for something the media want to supply the search. And this is normal. Let's have a look on few random sentences from internet about Weight loss pills taken by Google:

  • Herbal weight loss pills ensure that user reduces weight in healthy manner
  • Best diet pills for women can boost weight loss rate
  • Herbal weight loss pills remove the hurdles and increase effects of exercises and diet to bring in quick results
  • Regular use of these pills along with exercises and diet control can bring in considerable weight loss and much improved vitality in a short time
  • Purchasing weight loss pills from XXXXX is safe
  • Herbal weight loss pills are designed keeping regaining in mind
  • Many women turn to weight loss supplements to help them lose weight
  • Green tea extract is a popular ingredient in many weight loss supplements
  • In fact , in combination these are the best methods to bring back healthy shape and weight ; but in many cases , people need extra support to get better and quicker results

As you can see it seems that there is a magic pill which can ensure good results while you can be lazy and waiting for something good to happen. Even they promise quick results.

Only in few months you will lose 10 lb or 10 kg. Fast results, you can eat whatever you want and no need of training...

All these are wrong and you have to forget about it. The only way to do healthy and real weight loss is by changes in your habits:

  • improved nutrition
  • increased activity
  • planning and analyzing your results
  • devote time to your healthier life.

Good luck in weight loss!

P.S. The only real working pill in weight loss is love for yourself and your body!