Wanting Someone Else to do it for us?

I have friends with extra weight problems. They tried varies ways and diets: some of them temporary working. Final results for most of them are desperation and loneliness(in their weight problems). I notice a pattern - all of them are waiting a change from outside. Someone, somehow to initiate the change. That's bad attitude for me and not working at all.

We have all felt in this situation, I’m guessing: waiting for someone more clever, stronger, more experienced to come and solve our problems. And we can wait forever for the right person or we can change ourselves. We can be this person(or become it) - what do we need and how to start? It's easy all you need is will and goal.

Setting a goal

What do you want to be? What is more important for you: health or pleasure, freedom or addiction?

What if everything we need for happiness and fulfillment is within us? What if pleasure can be reached without eating all the time?

The truth is that a good goal can do a significant change.

Bad goal:

I want to lose weight fast!

Good goal:

I want to become stronger!

In my humble opinion man should want to be stronger, powerful and dominating. He should dominate over the problems, to have the power to fight with bad habits.
While a woman should be persistent and purposeful. She should be tenacious and to control desires and weaknesses.
This way of thinking will not only make you reaching the small target but also keep it while getting more from life. And the cost of it is 0.


One of my favorite proverbs is :

Where there is a will there is a way!

If you want something you will find a way to achieve it. If you are thirsty you will search for water. So if you feel the same for something else you will not stop before you find it. And all of this should start from inside.

How to start

If you searched for someone to help you you find it - yes it is you! Get a list and paper and right a small note what do you wanted and how do you wanted. Have in mind the goal example above. You can repeat this one and remember it:

My goal is not to lose wight but becoming stronger and persistent.