More than a year ago back into 2016, I’ve start thinking how to measure the weight loss. Is it enough using only a scale or I need something better. Actually checking regularly the scale is not a bad practice unless it leads to obsession. But it's only a physical measurement. But as I pointed earlier it's more important the mindset. How to measure the mindset of the person who wants to lose weight. I'll share my thoughts and tests(lets call them van tests of weight loss).

  • After a meal when I feel hunger. My attitude is: Most probably you ate enough. Wait 20 minutes if the hunger is still present eat something more. 99% of the time the feel of hunger ends before that.

  • When I feel sudden hunger between two meals(lunch and dinner). I ask myself wait for 5 minutes. If needed I ask myself for more 5 minutes. The false starvation miraculously disappear and I save my body some unnecessary calories.

  • I decided to set some realistic goals that are challenging but achievable, something that will make me feel proud about myself after I complete them. What I have here are some good goals:

  • Cake challenge - Enter in a cake shop or sweet shop without eating or buying something else than water. It's really hard one and the pleasure of doing it is a real deal. 10 pts

    • Favorite "bad" food. - Usually most of us give in to temptation when it comes for a favorite food. The more the better is our motto. So lets try to decrease or even avoid this food for a month. 5 pts

    • Dinner challenge. - Dinner is the last meal of the day. This should be your rule! Going out with friends, or watching a movie, sudden hunger could be a good reason to eat something more. But try to avoid it for a month and you will fresher on the next day. 5 pts

    • Healthy food. - Try to eat more healthy for one week. Use fresh vegetables, seasoned fruits, well cooked food. The long-term outcomes are easy visible with naked eye: better looking skin, good mood and feel for easiness. 10 pts

    • Forget sugar. - Don't eat foods with sugar for some period of time. Yeah I know that it's not easy to find food without sugar nowadays. But you can try to do it. You will be amazed by the scale result after completing this one. 5 pts

For each challenge I give myself points when I calculate it. Like this I can measure my weight loss attitude and psychology progress. Because if you do it only the physical way you can gain back the unwanted weight.

Good look with the challenges :)